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The benefits of multigrain pizza dough

Because of its high calorie count, pizza has made its reputation as an unhealthy food. In many pizzerias, traditional pizza is usually made using white flour and topped with thick layer of cheeses and meats. Because of the high level of gluten, salt and fats, health-conscious consumers may be inclined to remove pizza from their diets altogether. The good news is that pizza can be customized to fit dietary needs and preferences. In fact, multigrain options offer many health benefits and can help you cater to health-conscious customers.

First, let’s distinguish between whole-wheat pizza dough and multigrain pizza dough. With whole-wheat pizza dough, whole-wheat flour is mixed in the dough. It generally represents a healthier alternative than all-white pizza dough. On the other hand, multigrain pizza dough can be made of whole-wheat flour, white flour or a mixture of both. The magic happens when whole grains are added directly to the mixture. Adding whole grains like flax seeds, sunflowers, sesame seeds, oats and millet not only tastes delicious but also boosts the daily intake of whole grains. A multigrain crust is easier on digestion and has an excellent texture from the crispy, flavourful grains.

You may be asking yourself what happens after you incorporate multigrain pizza in your menu? The first thing to consider is how to top it. Now that you have a healthy base established, think of light toppings that would add even more flavor to your product. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to market healthy pizza, you may want to have a look at our blog on How to Successfully Introduce Healthy Pizza to the Menu.

At Mimi Foods, we have the expertise help you create a custom multigrain pizza dough program. Whether you are looking to add a healthy pizza option to your menu or adhere to school board dietary guidelines, our team of experts can develop the right recipe for you. Email us today at or give us a call at 905-660-0010.


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