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Have a Question?…   How can we help?

I have an idea for a custom formulation. How do I proceed?

Once you contact us, we can connect you with the head of product development. After that, they will be able to assist you step-by-step.

We are often asked "who are some of our customers"?

On our wholesale end, we sell to major grocery chains, restaurant chains, as well as individual restaurants (full serve and quick serve).  In July 2020, we opened a retail shop Open-to-the-Public, Cash-N-Carry, that sells all our artistic dough products plus a lot more.  Come in and visit us at 1260 Creditstone Road, Vaughan, ON.  Store hours:  Monday through Friday 9am-4pm + Saturday 10am-2pm.

Is it possible to sample any of our non-custom formulated products?

Please contact us directly or complete the contact form on our web site and we can make the appropriate arrangements.  Alternatively, please visit our newly opened retail shop at 1260 Creditstone Road in Vaughan, ON.  Our artistic dough products are now available for sale and Open-to-the-Public.  Shop hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm as well as Saturday from 10am-2pm.

Does MiMi Foods provide a complete product launch, inclusive of packaging and branding?
Working closely with our customers, we offer full service from initial product development to complete product branding and packaging.
Does MiMi Foods offer gluten free, or any other diet restricted products?

Yes we do!  We just launched 6 new gluten free products at the 2020 Restaurants Canada show and the feedback was overwhelming.  Contact us for details or search our Product Page for Gluten Free par-baked pizza crusts offered in new flavours of beetroot, black bean, broccoli, cauliflower, plain white and red lentil. We are working on developing a Keto crust as well as a gluten free quinoa. Stay tuned!  In addition, you can purchase some of our gluten free dough products through our Cash-N-Carry Retail Shop at 1260 Creditstone Road, Vaughan, ON.

Is shipping internationally available?

Yes, for our wholesale customers, we are able to ship anywhere through freight forwarders.  For our retail end, at the moment no delivery options are yet availble, however stay tuned!

What customer service does MiMi Foods offer with custom formulation?

Building a relationship between customer and manufacturer is a vital part of the process. We first understand what each customer is looking to achieve and work from initial development to create custom formulations so that they can differentiate themselves from their competitors. This sample type of development requires minimum volumes and would be discussed in detail during the development stage.

What type of quality control do we implement?
We are both a HACCP and BRC Certificated food manufacturing plant, and therefore, all our ingredients are held to the strictest guidelines to ensure our products are safe and held to the highest quality assurances in the industry.
Can we customize any type of product?

Almost anything is possible… we have created and produced many different types of proprietary products, which are not showcased on our website. Please feel free to contact us and let us begin customization today.