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How to introduce vegetarian or vegan pizza toppings to the menu

With more and more people adopting a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, it is no surprise that pizzerias have started to offer veggie pizzas to their customers. While plant-based diets may have started as a trend, a recent report from the University of Guelph and Dalhousie University shows that vegan and vegetarian diets are here to stay. With this growing trend in mind, here are three tips on how to introduce vegetarian toppings to the menu.

Train employees

To be able to successfully introduce vegetarian or vegan pizza toppings to the menu, front-end employees must be thoroughly trained to understand the needs of this niche target market. Make sure that your employees are engaged in education programs to be in the best position to make vegetarian or vegan recommendations.

Educate your customers

Educating your customers to understand the benefits of veggie pizza toppings can be a crucial selling point. Are you promoting your veggie variety on social media? Do you have a blog where you can expand on the nutritional benefits of veggie pizzas?

Prepare your crust

Vegetarian pizza toppings will introduce a considerably higher amount of moisture than a regular pizza. The last thing you will want is to offer your customers a soggy product. Before introducing veggie pizza to your menu, make sure that your crust recipe is adapted to handle the added water content.

Have you already introduced vegetarian or vegan pizza toppings to the menu? If yes, what has been your most popular topping so far?

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