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Common misconceptions about working with a dough manufacturer

Along the years, we had the opportunity to address many of our clients’ concerns about pre-made dough. Naturally, most restaurant owners are concerned with the quality of their dough and incurring additional costs. To better inform our readers, we compiled a list of the most common misconceptions when working with a dough manufacturer. Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions and the facts behind them.

Extensive training

A common misconception is that workers require extensive training to handle pre-made dough. In reality, this process largely depends on planning ahead, rather than worker skills. You will need to plan the process when it comes to unfreezing, proofing and preparing the dough. Like any new process, workers will need to get accustomed to it before it becomes routine. Putting matters into perspective, planning is a process that takes considerably less skill and rigor compared to making dough from scratch. Looking to learn more about the benefits of working with a dough manufacturer? We put together an article on Switching to a dough manufacturer.

High costs

Another common misconception is that working with a dough manufacturer will cost significantly higher than producing your own dough in-house. In fact, using pre-made dough can actually help lower your costs in the long-term. When working with a dough manufacturer, you can reduce costs associated with storage, equipment and ingredient purchasing. You will, of course, need freezer storage space but the required space is considerably lower than with in-house production.

Compromising quality

When thinking of mass-production, most people may not consider quality as the first benefit that comes to mind. You may be surprised to learn that working with a dough manufacturer can actually increase the overall level of dough quality. Consider the fact that dough manufacturers have the ability to measure ingredients and produce the dough in a controlled environment with professional equipment. By having a large purchasing power, dough suppliers have access to premium ingredients that will result in a consistently high-quality product every single time.

Despite the common misconceptions, working with a dough manufacturer can streamline your operations and increase the quality of your products.

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