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Pizza for Millennials Part 2: Why every pizza menu should have a healthy crust option

Pizza for Millennials

Mimi’s Pizza for Millennials is an 8 part blog series. We will be discussing the hottest trends dictated by the rapidly growing market segment that shook up the entire pizza industry: the millennials.

In this article, we will focus on the rise of the healthy eating trend, gluten-free diets and why it’s important to have a healthy crust option on every pizza menu.

Part 2/8: why every pizza menu should have a healthy crust option

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Article highlights:

  • Healthy crust options: Amazing Grains or gluten-free
  • Taste, texture and nutritional value: a winning trio for Millennial consumers
  • Gluten-free diets are on the rise in North America and serve two different markets: those who suffer from a gluten related disorder and those who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle
  • Healthy pizza serves a growing niche market that shows no signs of slowing down

As most food operators know, healthy pizza has been making its way on every menu. When it’s time for a healthy addition to the pizza menu, you can either go for a nutritious crust option or for a gluten-free crust.

Healthy crust option 1: Pizza crust with Amazing Grains™

Amazing Grains™ is a powerful blend of super foods which takes the concept of nutritious to a whole new level.  Here’s what goes in it:

  • Sprouted buckwheat
  • Sprouted millet
  • Salba ® chia
  • Golden flax
  • Organic quinoa

Organically sourced dehydrated:

  • Oranges
  • Cranberries
  • Apples
  • Cherries
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Shitake mushrooms

Taste, texture and nutritional value: a winning trio

Taste, texture and nutritional value are the winning trio when it comes to pizza, especially for the progressive generation of Millennials.

Consumers are not willing to compromise taste or texture for a crust that will offer more nutritional benefits. So why not offer a crust that can give them all three?

The quality of ingredients that go into your crust are just as important as the toppings that go on top of the pizza. Make it healthy inside out!

MiMi Tip: Are you a family-style restaurant? Pizza crust with Amazing Grains™ is an excellent alternative for parents who are looking to make pizza night a healthier night for their children.

One 100 g serving from MiMi’s pizza dough ball with Amazing Grains™ contains nutrients found in 2 servings of fruit sourced domestically from organic sources.  Amazing Grains™ can be found in our Pizza Dough Ball and Par-Baked Crusts.

Food for thought: What nutrition values does YOUR crust bring to customers?

Read more about Amazing Grains™ here.

Healthy Option 2: Gluten-free pizza crust

Gluten-free has been on the mind of every food operator, especially since this sector in Canada is estimated to grow at least 10% each year by the year 2018 (source).

Out of 10 million Canadians who are looking for gluten-free products, only 3 million represent the primary market of those who suffer from a gluten related disorder. The rest of the 7 million are a secondary market, comprised of those who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. (source)

It’s important to know that in Canadian families, gluten is avoided for non-medical reasons too, such as weight loss, general health and, most importantly, out of sympathy for a family member. (source)

Awareness about celiac disease is just starting to spread across North America and, until recent years, little has been known about it, forcing many people to go undiagnosed their entire lives.

Gluten-free diets were never a trend. They are a way of coping with the celiac disease that is just starting to get discovered in North America.

Gluten can be found in the flour of the dough, making pizza a product that was usually avoided. However, today, dough recipes and ingredient combinations have evolved to the point where it can be safely consumed by people suffering from celiac disease. Consider adding a gluten-free crust option as a healthy alternative to a traditional pizza crust.


Whether you choose to go for a nutritious crust or a gluten-free option, healthy pizza serves a niche market that shows no signs of slowing down.

Have you introduced a healthy crust option or a gluten-free crust to your menu? If yes, how is it received by your customers? If not, when do you plan on making this move? Leave us your comments and let us know!

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