Herb-infused pizza dough

Infusing flavours in pizza dough has been a popular technique among international chefs, top restaurants and pizza chains. The “infusing” process happens when herbs, onions, garlic and/or any other flavours  you desire, are added directly to the dough during the mixing process. This method adds a rich, distinct flavor to every pizza bite (no need for “dip’s” anymore). Infusing dough is a good idea if you are looking to offer your customers a simpler pizza with less toppings, and/or just to add flavor, as the crust carries the flavours. Below we’ve outlined three of our best-selling herb-infused pizza doughs!

  • Garlic and rosemary: a classic combination and one of our most popular recipes!
  • Jalapeno and cheddar: cheesy flavor with a kick.
  • Cinnamon: a sweet, warm flavor and the perfect base for any dessert pizza.

At Mimi Foods, our team of experts can work with you to develop the perfect herb-infused pizza dough for your operation. Depending on your operation’s needs, herbs can be infused in both dough balls or par-baked crusts. For more information, contact us today at artisticdough@mimifoods.ca or 905-660-0010.

Festive Focaccia – Three Delightful Holiday Ideas

A classic in the Mimi Foods kitchen, focaccia is an Italian bread that is well-loved by our customers all year round. With the holidays just around the corner, the Mimi Foods team put together a few very special festive focaccia ideas. This simple bread has been part of the Italian cuisine for centuries and has been traditionally served with a sprinkle of herbs and a brush of olive oil. Its soft, cake-like texture make it the perfect addition to your holiday menu or a last-minute gift to a dinner party. We hope you will enjoy our three festive focaccia ideas!

  1. Cranberry Focaccia. This classic holiday twist on focaccia packs an unmistakable sweet punch from the cranberries. Use our Herb or Plain focaccia and top it with cranberries before warming it up in the oven.
  2. Antipasto inspired. For all meat lovers, use our Tomato & Herb focaccia to top it with your antipasto favourites such as hot salami and prosciutto.
  3. Clementine and walnuts. Top our Herb or Plain focaccia with thinly sliced clementines and crushed walnuts. This sophisticated holiday focaccia will fill the room with a delightful festive scent!

The Mimi Foods team would like to wish our customers, suppliers and readers a wonderful holiday season. Make your own dough creation and tag us on Instagram at @mimifoods Happy Holidays!