Everything you need to know about the semolina dough ball

When it comes to pizza, most people seem to pay attention to the combination of toppings, but at a closer look, a pizza is proven to be only as good as its crust. You will notice that small tweaks to the pizza dough recipe can have a big impact on the end product. In this article, we will take a closer look at a special type of dough made of semolina and what happens to the end product when you shift from traditional flour.

First of all, semolina is a type of flour made from durum wheat and it is mainly used in making pasta or couscous. Semolina is distinctive due to its very high gluten and protein content, which is why it is the preferred choice in making pasta. In case you ever wondered why pasta has a golden tone, the answer is that it gets it from the yellow coloured semolina flour.

When it comes to dough, we can use the high gluten and protein content of semolina to create a crispy and chewy textured pizza crust. As soon as you start working with a semolina dough ball, you will immediately notice its versatile stretch and elasticity. A semolina dough ball is no different than its white flour counterpart in terms of shelf life, storage and handling. The semolina dough ball is suitable to bake in almost any oven, from gas, electrical and wood burning to stone deck and convection ovens.

In terms of health benefits, there are some nutritional facts you should pay attention to if you are considering making the semolina dough ball a staple in your kitchen. Its high gluten content may be an issue for customers with celiac disease, wheat allergies or intolerance to gluten. On the other hand, semolina is known to be high in protein and iron, and rich in vitamin B. As mentioned earlier, it is made from durum wheat, which gets digested slower than other types of wheat, making you feel full longer.

At Mimi Foods, we offer semolina dough balls that come in a variety of weights to suit your needs. To order samples, contact us at artisticdough@mimifoods.ca

Best Game Night Specials

Best Game Night Specials

Limited time offers are great for market testing new products and invigorating your menu with fresh items. More importantly, limited time offers give you the opportunity to react to seasonality and special events, such as game nights. The winning combination for game night specials are: quick service, great deals for a big crowd and, above all, a delicious, expertly crafted product.

In our Switching to a Dough Manufacturer article, we talked about how using a dough manufacturer can significantly streamline the management of limited time offers and other benefits. In this article, we will focus on the integration of limited time offers with summer’s most awaited evenings: game nights. Below we outlined some of our favorite MiMi Foods game night specials. How will you put your spin on them?

  1. Panouzzo Sandwiches

Panouzzo – the Italian take on classic sandwich bread and the perfect way to kick up your sandwich game (no pun intended).

Why we love Panouzzo sandwiches for game night: they come in a variety of sizes to please a crowd.  Market them as appetizers or serve them on a large, Instagram-worthy bun like shown above. Turn the flavor up a notch by trying them with Garlic Spread.

MiMi Tip: Use your imagination to turn sandwich bread into an irresistible dessert item! Here’s our take on it: stuff the Panouzzo with Nutella, vanilla ice-cream and bananas!

MiMi’s Panouzzos: Sliders 2” x 2”, Burger 4” x 4”, Sandwich 4” x 6”, Hot Dog 3” x 6”, Long 5” x 18” and Garlic Spread 12” x 4”.


  1. Stuffed Focaccia

Stuffed Focaccia – an Italian classic with a savory twist, the MiMi Foods Focaccia comes in a great deal of assortments: Jalapeno and Cheddar, olives/ onions/ mozarella or Pomodoro sauce and Mozarella.

Why we love Stuffed Focaccia for game night: Stuffed Focaccia comes in a variety of flavors to delight any taste palate. What’s even better is that it’s filling, full of flavor and can be easily served on its own or as a side dish. Whether you are selling it in a grocery store or serving it in your restaurant, Stuffed Focaccia is easy to prepare: simply thaw it, bake it and serve it!

  1. Garlic Buns and Pizza Rolls

These versatile, quick and easy to use items just need to be thawed at room temperature, baked and served hot.

Why we love Garlic Buns and Pizza Rolls for game night: they require very little preparation and are ready in no time. Garlic Buns and Pizza Rolls are perfect for dipping and great for a large, hungry crowd.

If you enjoyed these game night specials ideas, we encourage you to try out new products and put your own spin on them.  Read more about menu diversification ideas in our blog Pizza for Millennials: Top 3 Dough Types for Menu Diversification where we talk about popular dough products and which current trends they fit with.

For custom dough products and recipe development, we are happy to work with you to create products for any special event of the year. To get a consultation, email artisticdough@mimifoods.ca or call 905-660-0010.