Festive Focaccia – Three Delightful Holiday Ideas

A classic in the Mimi Foods kitchen, focaccia is an Italian bread that is well-loved by our customers all year round. With the holidays just around the corner, the Mimi Foods team put together a few very special festive focaccia ideas. This simple bread has been part of the Italian cuisine for centuries and has been traditionally served with a sprinkle of herbs and a brush of olive oil. Its soft, cake-like texture make it the perfect addition to your holiday menu or a last-minute gift to a dinner party. We hope you will enjoy our three festive focaccia ideas!

  1. Cranberry Focaccia. This classic holiday twist on focaccia packs an unmistakable sweet punch from the cranberries. Use our Herb or Plain focaccia and top it with cranberries before warming it up in the oven.
  2. Antipasto inspired. For all meat lovers, use our Tomato & Herb focaccia to top it with your antipasto favourites such as hot salami and prosciutto.
  3. Clementine and walnuts. Top our Herb or Plain focaccia with thinly sliced clementines and crushed walnuts. This sophisticated holiday focaccia will fill the room with a delightful festive scent!

The Mimi Foods team would like to wish our customers, suppliers and readers a wonderful holiday season. Make your own dough creation and tag us on Instagram at @mimifoods Happy Holidays!


Developing a custom pizza crust with Caputo “00” flour

As a dough manufacturer, one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive are related to flour types. We always tell our clients that when developing a custom crust recipe, flour is just as important as oven type and proofing techniques in achieving a unique texture and flavor. In this article, we will focus on Caputo “00” flour, the most traditional Italian four.

What is Caputo “00” flour?

Let’s start out by distinguishing between other flour types and Caputo “00”. Traditionally, flours are categorized by how finely they are milled. They range from “2”, “1”, “0” and “00”. In this case, Caputo “00” is exceptionally finely milled flour. To contrast, think of semolina or bread flour on the opposite end of the above-mentioned scale. The fineness of the mill is not the only difference between Caputo “00” and other flour types. Caputo “00” has a gluten content of only 12.5%, which gives the dough the right amount of elasticity. As we will see in the next section, this gluten content is what gives the pizza crust a distinct texture and flavor.

What type of custom crusts can I make with Caputo “00” flour?

Dough made with Caputo “00” flour is best when it’s baked in a wood burning oven, although a gas or electric oven will also work just as well. Using Caputo “00” flour in your custom crust is ideal when you are pursuing the highest quality product and when you wish to sell an authentic Italian signature pizza. Given the fine characteristics, Caputo flour is generally triple the price of Canadian flours.

The most important thing to note is that Caputo “00” flour is typically used to create the highest quality Neapolitan style pizza, although it can be used in any custom crust recipe ranging from thick to thin crusts.  Typically, Caputo flour is used for thinner crusts with thicker edges. Due to the fineness of the mill and the protein content, Caputo flour creates a soft, elastic crust with perfectly charred bubbles on the rim. When handling the dough ball, you will notice that it’s stickier than regular dough and it needs extra gentle handling as it is very soft. Skilled labour is required to handle this type of dough ball.

At Mimi Foods, our Caputo dough balls range from 8 to 25 oz, with stretch sizes as large as 10 to 16 inches. For custom crust development using Caputo “00” flour, contact us at artisticdough@mimifoods.ca or 905-660-0010.